2018 Featured Filmmakers


Elisha Nain

The Artist's Doctrine: Tori Kurtz - Producer

Elisha Nain is a showrunner, producer, writer, singer, and project manager from Winchester, Virginia. While attending the Savannah College of Art and Design, Elisha wasted no time stepping into the film industry. Her film works were screened in several film festivals, including Film & Her, Gray’s Reef Ocean, and the Savannah Film Festival. In tandem with Nain’s filmmaking achievements, she has organized award winning events for SCAD Student Involvement and was recognized as Leader of the Year for house managing the Savannah Film Festival.

Making her mark in Savannah opened up doors for Elisha in the east coast. She strove to strengthen her productions skills with Birds Nest Productions, Goldfinch Entertainment, as well as Trailer Park Productions to name a few. Working with notable talent encouraged Nain to create a series dedicated to budding artists aspiring for greatness. The Artist Doctrine was born. 
Nain believes her multi-ethnic family, loving Grandma Susan, and a near death experience in Paris drive her to conquer her creative endeavors. She currently resides in Savannah, Ga, working towards developing her production studio.

Julie Diaz.JPG

Julie Diaz

The Artist's Doctrine: Tori Kurtz - Editor

Intrigued by how the tornado and magic effects in The Wizard of Oz were imagined, Julie Diaz was drawn to the art of Sound Design at a young age. Julie’s passion is to enhance a story through sound, to connect your emotions to the picture, and bring the flat screen to life.

She specializes in sound effects editing and designing, project supervision, Foley, and music editing for any type of media. She is the Post Sound Supervisor The Artist Doctrine.

Julie currently works as the in-house Audio Engineer/Sound Designer for an award-winning ad agency, The DVI Group, in Atlanta


Tori "Milan" Kurtz

The Artist's Doctrine: Tori Kurtz - Editor

Tori Kurtz is a music producer, sound designer and artist. Though she explores many art forms, music has always been at her core. While pursuing her degree in Sound Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Tori dreamed of turning her passion into a purpose. Along this journey, Tori had the honor of composing 6 original scores as well as starring in the pilot episode of The Artist Doctrine. Six months after graduating, Tori wrote, produced and released her first EP: “MILAN”.

Tori has since signed to a record label in the Bahamas, partnering with label-mates to build her empire in the music industry.


Francesca Crichton

Pinwheel - Director

Born and raised in Houston, TX - Francesca Crichton’s passion for filmmaking and photography began on a horse farm where she found her love for storytelling and bringing ideas to life. This ultimately led her to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she recently graduated with a BFA in Film & TV Production and a Minor in Business Management & Entrepreneurship. Francesca is currently working in NYC. Eventually, she would like to direct and produce her own narrative shorts and short documentary pieces.


Brittany Severance

Off for the Weekend - Director

Brittany Severance is visual artist based out of Worcester, Massachusetts. She divides her time and passion for the visual arts between video and photographic mediums. Brittany possesses an undergraduate degree in English and certification in Film Studies from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and a graduate degree in Media Arts from Emerson College. Currently she is an adjunct faculty member in the Communication Department at Worcester State University teaching film and media studies.

Her creative work has been screened and shown at places such as the Women's International Film and Arts Festival, the Paramount Theater, the Fitchburg Art Museum, the Vermont Center for Photography, the Cambridge Art Association, the Providence Center for the Arts, and the Nave Gallery among others.


Alexandra Balda

Door to Purgatory - Director

Alexandra Balda is originally from Caracas, Venezuela. She attended the Central University of Venezuela earning her B.S. in Dentistry while taking performing arts classes and performing in theater and TV productions. Alexandra came to United States, where she continued her performing career not only as an actress but now as a producer. Alexandra’s screenwriter and directorial debut was "Door to Purgatory" in 2017.


Olivia O'Hara

Weird - Director

Olivia O'Hara is a director and screenwriter based in the eastern United States. Since 2015, she has screened work at domestic and international festivals, and in early 2018 she received a gold AAF ADDY® Award for her commercial work, "Weird". She served on the screenplay review committee for ATLFF 2018, has accumulated a slate of short film scripts and is writing a feature-length historical drama.

O'Hara's goal is to bring diverse audiences together through storytelling that entertains, moves, and inspires. She is always learning, and actively searches for stories of humanity within the odd or unseen.


Kristin Kinsey

Out Loud - Director

Kristin is a student at Towson University in Maryland studying Electronic Media and Film. She's been an aspiring filmmaker since the age of 11 when she saw Star Wars: A New Hope for the first time. Now in her 20's, Kristin is working to write and direct socially relevant and artistically powerful films that educate, touch, and inspire audiences.


Stefanie Davis

The Skin You're In - Director


Lindsay Serrano

Beneath - Director

Co-Owner of Mass Grave Pictures, Lindsay has been a producer in the NY/NJ Indie Horror scene since 2008. Working with a number of Indie film crews as AD and/or Producer, she has worked on feature films Theta States, Blood Slaughter Massacre and Good Day, the TV series' Zombie Hunters City Of The Dead, The Attack Of The Brain People, and The SPIES Files, as well as over two dozen short films. Beneath is Lindsays first film as writer & director.


Miranda Quinn

De-Generate - Animator

Miranda Quinn is a driver and zealous from Kansas City, Missouri. She is a summa cum laude graduate with a BFA in animation from the Savannah College of Art and Design. De-Generate is her senior thesis film created over the course of one year. Inspired by her grandparents, De-Generate is a chance for audiences to experience life with the disease Macular Degeneration and all the emotions that come with lose. Miranda’s goal as an artist is to create media that not only entertains but also educates the audience. 


Leah Pollack

The Scarecrow - Director

Leah Pollack was born in Little Rock, Arkansas September 3rd 1992. From an early age she had a fascination with visual story telling through film and television but started out in traditional stage theater. She began film making in 2011 while attending the Parkview Magnet High School for Arts and Sciences. She started attending SCAD in 2013 for Film and Television and won the SCAD Narrative Thesis Award for her short film “The Scarecrow. She will graduate in Spring 2018 with a B.F.A in Film and Television


Tori McGraw

Boxing Day - Director

Tori McGraw is a graduate student at Savannah College of Art and Design studying film and television, with a focus in writing and directing. She earned her undergrad from Southwestern University, where she studied communication and discovered a passion for rhetoric.


Zoë White

Licorice - Cinematographer

Zoë White is originally from Sydney, Australia. She studied at North Carolina School of the Arts and the Australian Film Television & Radio School, and trained alongside mentors including Vilmos Zsigmond ASC, Laszlo Kovacs ASC, Newton Thomas Sigel ASC and James Chressanthis ASC. 

She has received a Golden Tripod and numerous awards from the Australian Cinematography Society, represented the United States at the Budapest Kodak Cinematography Masterclass, and won the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Cinematography Internship. 

Zoë will be joining DP Colin Watkinson in shooting THE HANDMAID’S TALE for Season Two. Her recent feature credits include NANCY starring Andrea Riseborough and Steve Buscemi, HUNTSVILLE starring Dylan McDermott and Sophie Turner and CATFIGHT starring Anne Heche and Sandra Oh. 


Jennifer Jordan

Abduct Me - Director

Jennifer’s journey into the world of filmmaking started when she was in the 8th grade when she took her first TV Media class. She was immediately drawn in and hasn’t looked back since! She enjoys being on camera as an actor just as much as she loves writing and directing. When she’s not engrossed in her work, you can find her in the dance studio choreographing, hiking a trail, or on her way to an EDM concert or festival


Ashley Mosher

Back to Camp - Director

Born and raised in the midwest, Ashley spent her post- grad years training for the Olympics, working as a sport psychologist, and building Feed Them With Music (FTWM), a non-profit that helps solve world starvation through music.

She arrived on the scene of content creation in 2010. First, through photography and creating live music videos of high profile artists for FTWM, then short form content and eventually moved into narrative and documentary shorts. Both her first narrative, Love Biscuit, and documentary, Back to CAMP, films have gathered accolades. Her music videos have been shown on VH1 and this year her cinematography received awards for her work Holy, (UN)Holy River, a feature length documentary with friend and National Geographic Photographer, Pete McBride.

Currently, she is writing her next narrative short based on the true event of being attacked, escaping and bringing to justice two thieves in Costa Rica, a documentary on how the fundamental need to belong is creating more and more division in our modern world, and is in development on a short documentary about a woman who refuses to sell her 100 year old family owned land so she can return it to the Native Americans it once belonged to.